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This is the fourth year that Easy Bee Farm has been growing food and offering CSA shares to the Moab community.  Easy Bee Farm has worked with NRCS to develop a conservation plan that promotes native pollinators through habitat planting and hedgerows. In addition to our two acre property, Easy Bee Farm currently leases a quarter acre property down the road to supplement our production space.

Our growing practices focus on the health of the soil using only organic practices. Easy Bee Farm builds soil through organic amendments, cover cropping, crop rotation, companion planting and mulching. We use drip irrigation to conserve water. Compost is made on-site from plant matter and food waste, with the occasional addition of composted chicken manure. Pollinators are key to our farm and we promote them however we can through flower, herb and perennial plantings. Easy Bee Farm also keeps two honeybee hives on site.

Jess Oldham and Rhonda Gotway have come together to collaborate on the CSA program. Jess learned from and worked with Rhonda at the Youth Garden Project for two years and then took over as Garden Manager for two more years.  Together, Jess and Rhonda grow a wide variety of wonderful nutrient dense food!

We invite you to learn more about the people of our farm below.

About The Founding Mothers

Rhonda Gotway Clyde

Rhonda has been growing food on her property in Spanish Valley for 12 years and in the Moab valley for 26 years. Rhonda has worked with numerous individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to help educate on growing practices and increase the production of healthy, local food to our community.

She has fed countless people in Moab from a small space and plans on expanding the current garden area to include fruit, berries and a new large area of her property for more vegetable production.

When not in the garden, Rhonda enjoys spending time with her husband and her pets in the red rock back country.

Jess Oldham

Jess had her first garden in her parents’ backyard in high school and has been growing food ever since. She studied global environmental studies in college. The more Jess learned about our issues as a planet, the more she saw the need for stronger communities where food is produced locally and with the greater environment in mind.

Jess moved to Moab in 2008 and worked 5 years with the Youth Garden Project, an organization dedicated to growing food, empowering community and teaching youth about environmental stewardship.

She is also the founder and owner of Farm Yard, designed to encourage others to grow food in their yards and work with fruit trees. When not digging in the dirt, Jess is exploring the canyon country with her husband and son, climbing rocks, cooking delicious meals with friends and planning the next road trip.






About The Support Staff

Lisa Fuellemann

This will be Lisa’s fourth year as a worker share member. Her previous farm experience, her love for and ability to create delicious farm fresh dishes, her artistic eye and her positivity have made her an incredible addition to the farm. Originally from Switzerland, Lisa brings that Swiss charm and efficiency to Easy Bee Farm. She also brings the best laughter.

Meagan Coy

Meagan moved to Utah in 2013 to work on a farm outside of Capital Reef National Park. She fell in love with the area and landed in Moab after her first season there. She has been helping out at Easy Bee Farm since 2016 and loves the garden, the ladies that make it happen and being able to help provide food to members of the community. Meagan is also a massage therapist and yoga teacher and runs her own business, M.C.’s Healing Arts, in Moab. For enjoyment she likes to pretend she’s a novice in the kitchen, hike, stand-up paddle board and play the ukulele.

Kaye Davis

Kaye Davis has been involved with Easy Bee Farm since 2017 and is currently our farm chef. She owns The Moab Farmacy, a community based food enterprise that is dedicated to the promotion, growth and sustainability of the local and regional food system. Kaye is a true farm to table chef, working closely with producers and distributors to ensure that her food is as fresh as possible. And you can taste it!

LBJ aka Mr. Kitty

Mr. Kitty was attracted to the garden as a kitten in 2013. He adopted Easy Bee Farm as his home because of its abundance of nutrient dense bunny meat and other rodents. He works hard and sleeps hard. As supervisor of pest management, he is exceeding all expectations.

Alf Alfa

Resident rabbit and his clones are addicted to the organically grown vegetables of Easy Bee Farm. He used to share just fine with us, but he and his growing number of offspring (all named Alf) have recently become a little greedy. Now he lives outside the rabbit fence in the grass and looks longingly at our salad greens.

Emily Klarer

Emily Klarer worked with Rhonda and Jess at the Youth Garden Project in 2010 and has been a friend of the farm since its beginning. She has worked in various capacities with the farm and is currently the farm photographer (or as we like to call her, our “Farmographer”). Emily’s eye for detail has not only helped at the farm, but also makes her an incredibly talented photographer and story teller. She owns a successful photography business photographing couples in love. She is also a part owner of a new gym in town.

Tali Hice

Tali has been our Thursday kitchen worker bee for the past two seasons. Her attention to detail is one of the reasons our veggies are always so clean. When Tali is not at the farm she is busy hanging out with her fang, feather and fur critters, volunteering around town and cleaning homes or being a “dirt therapist” as she likes to say. Tali has the best jokes and of course provided the googly eyes for all of our human-like vegetables.

Sascha Steinberg

Sascha’s love for plants and the outdoors stems from summers spent in her mother’s expansive garden of flowers in Ohio. During her college years, her summers were spent working with her school’s Grounds Crew. She planted thousands of flowers across campus, weeded daily, and if she was lucky, attracted at least one bout with poison ivy. A post-graduate year of exploring the country landed her in Moab for the summer where the red rocks and blue skies bewitched her into sticking around. The 2018 season led her to get her hands dirty at the Youth Garden Project as a volunteer and Easy Bee Farm as a worker share member. The beauty, serenity, and therapeutic fresh air at Easy Bee compel her to return as a farm hand. When she’s not at work, she’s hiking through the desert, listening to 1950’s Rock and Roll, or eating peaches.

Tatsy Guild

Tatsy is Easy Bee Farm’s main herb dryer or person who dries the herbs! Tatsy accumulated most of her herb-drying skills as a homesteader in Montana. At that time, she learned that the more that we can provide directly for ourselves, the higher quality of life we have; so she learned a lot of skills.  Now she’s happy to be able to pass some of this on to you (to add a little bit to YOUR quality of life).


Chi the garden dog is an important member of the Easy Bee Farm team. He is a member of the Techichi, a 6,000 year old Aztec breed of Chihuahua, and he exemplifies his roots. He oversees both the entertainment and public relations departments. Chi is the face of the farm, so you’ll be seeing many photos. 

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